Radical Ownership – Not For the Faint of Heart

What is radical possession? It’s seeing and owning that life is a mirror reflecting me over to me. All the things that happen in my life have one thing in as a relatable point… ME. I am the equalizer in all that keeps appearing. Mike Dooley depicts it delightfully in his Notes from The Universe: […]

Life Is a Game – Are You Playing?

So at the end of the day would you say you are a win or a disappointment? This is the manner by which I now and again find myself feeling. I can hear myself say, “Goodness I had such a fruitful day on the grounds that I completed my schedule” or “I fizzled at practicing […]

Raising Non-Biracial Kids in Interracial Relationships

What happens when you’re in an interracial relationship and your mate has a kid from an earlier non-interracial relationship? Will the child acknowledge you? Will you feel unusual in broad daylight realizing that individuals can tell the youngster isn’t yours? Will it some way or another influence how you parent the tyke? Will you be […]

Ralph Waldo Emerson As Family Man

Most individuals consider Ralph Waldo Emerson as a writer who expounded on opportunity, distinction, and the American soul. Anyhow Emerson was likewise a father. “Life is all surface until we have youngsters; then it is profound and robust,” he kept in touch with a companion. “The amount happiness I have owed and every day owe […]

Switching Houses for a Gain

On the off chance that you have become aware of exchanging houses than you understand it may be incredible methodology to work with some your trusts for a contributing and make new deals streams or assets of benefit. In the occasion you have never found out about homes than you may be lounging around scratching […]